Welcome to the Initial Fundraising Campaign for Pets BFF

Pets BFF = Better Functioning Facilities for Better Functioning Families

Pets BFF is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the human-animal bond. Founded by veterinarian Kenneth B. Sontag-Snyder, Pets BFF bonds at-risk youths and veterans with animals to create a family atmosphere conducive for self or mutual healing. Pets  BFF envisions a nation-wide network of institutions, organizations and volunteers assisting troubled youths and veterans together with their animal companions. Pets BFF will benefit any youth or veteran who is afflicted by a mental, behavioral or emotional disorder.

It is our belief that youths and veterans will see themselves reflected in the animals, whose mistreatment is also their history, their childhood and their lost love. By witnessing the animal’s change in response to the care, affection and attention they receive, children and veterans can experience the healing power of love emotionally, viscerally and cognitively. That experience can change their lives profoundly.

In addition, they may come to recognize that living beings can change, that dismal circumstances and emotional pain do not need to be facts of life forever. Wounded creatures can heal and go on to live joyous lives. If this is true for a formerly abused dog who now jumps with delight when its human partner approaches, or an abandoned cat who now purrs at the sound of a child’s voice, it can be true for the children, teenagers and veterans who care for them as well. We can help these people regain their lost capacity to give and receive love and perhaps they can move beyond their destructive and self-destructive states of despair and restore their faith in the promise of their own lives.

Pets BFF cordially invites you to be an integral part of our extended family.

Please Join Our Mission.

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Pets BFF is a 501(c )3 organization. Your contribution is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.



I am humbly requesting increments of $36 contributions for Pets BFF's first-ever fundraising campaign. Thirty-six dollars so that all of us can witness "The Power of Thirty-six", "The Power of Double Life".  

Why 36? The real reason: 

Historically, you need only 36 righteous people in order to save the world. We are not one of the thirty-six but our vision is.  We are here to serve and enrich as many lives as possible. PetsBFF's goal is to preserve as much of humanity that is humanly possible. 

Please help me share my vision. Spread the word. Share our love.

Kenneth B. Sontag-Snyder, DVM



Our Mission

To heal traumatized pets, at-risk youths and veterans by fostering a caring and kind relationship between the two, through individualized pairing and training.

Our Vision...

To build an international, compassionate benevolent organization, comprised of abused pets, youths and veterans who, through their healing relationship, save each other and preserve our humanity.

What we have created already...

Partnerships with:

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, The Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida directed by State Attorney Katherine Rundle Fernandez, The Florida Department of Children and Families, The South Florida Adoption and Foster Care Association, Our Kids, AMI and Empowered Youth.

Initialization of The Youth Internet Radio Program.

Established relations with youths at G4S rehab facilities and AMI.

What we need your support for...

Start Up-Capital for Proposed Youth Programs 

Youth Program Salaries

Animal Rehabilitation

Nationwide search to Hire an Executive Director

Public Relations and Social Media Management

Website Development

Equipment / Servers & Bandwidth for Internet Radio Youth Program.

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